This year ther will be 28 MAS Bands, here the list of just a few bands that will perform "ON THE ROAD " between the Hudawi Centre and Greenhead park

Bacchannal Carnival Formerly Trinidad & Tobago Ladies group - participating in Carnival activities for 25 years - relaunched as Baccannal Carnival Arts in 2005. BCA is a voluntary organisation with a community focus in designing and making carnival mas costumes.

Band Leader: Gracelyn & Dovie

Carnival Crusade Club (CCCC)
Formed in 1999, Caribbean Carnival Crusade Club’s main aim is to support the continuation of the Caribbean carnival in Huddersfield. The troupe has won the trophy for best masquerade band for the last three years with themes – Bumble Bees, Admiral Fleet and Soca Butterflies.Their queens have also won in both Huddersfield and Leeds over the same period.
Band Leaders: Saralyn Mark & Mina Gay

Carriacou, Petit Martinique,Grenada Association (CPMG)
Since inception 16 years ago, this troupe has participated in carnival in Huddersfield and Leeds. As a group they have had many highlights one of them being some members of the troupe taking part in Carnival in Carriacou,West Indies. They reported that this was a wonderful experience for all those participating and one they hope to repeat in the near future. They hope that their theme for 2007 will be enjoyed by all those participating and watching.
Band Leader:Victoria George
Theme: Burning Flame

Education 2000
From its inception in 1999 the children of this troupe have decided on the themes to be portrayed.They always want to achieve positive things and do this by setting goals.This year they want to express how they feel about life in general, this being vibrant and colourful.
Band Leader: Natalie Pinnock-Hamilton.

Nature Island
The band will be about 55 masqueraders featuring best of Bradford and its "Influences of Dominica"
Band Leader: Sonia Coulson

Pure Elegance Childrens Club(PECC)
Established in 2001, this band currently consists of approximately 30 members. Their aim is to promote and encourage children and young people to engage in cultural events and activities and most notably individual and group stage performances. Members regularly participate in both Huddersfield and Leeds carnivals including the carnival queen contests.They also deliver performances ie. carol singing and concerts to the local nursing homes throughout the Kirklees area.
Band Leader:Mrs M Phillip

Leicester Carnival
This troupe from Leicester has grown out of the need to pass on the
culture from generation to generation. It symbolises a community taking
responsibility for ensuring that its culture remains vibrant and reactive.
Motto – Believe in one’s self and you can become fulfilled by being involved
in carnival and that respect and success comes from loving and respecting
one’s self.
Band Leader: Pamela Campbell
Theme: Bumpa Warriors
umpa Warriors

Spectrum - Rainbow Association

This band from Preston enjoyed carnival so much last year that they booked to come back a year in advance!
Band Leader: Phil Duncan

Independent Street Carnival Troupe - Nottingham

A Carnival dance group run by Voluntary Parents the troupe is made up of 100+ Kids and young adult out youngest being 3 .I.S.C.T for short takes children from all different backgrounds' and areas of nottingham and help them confident and be part of a team We go go across the UK dancing and getting everyone involved. I.S.C.T raise money by fundraising and washing cars to fund our trips across the UK to take part in all the carnivals and festivals we always having fun. Our theme for this year is Nottingham's secret garden, as we were featured in channel 4 Secret millionaire and the troupe is blooming this year. You can look up independent street on my space. Our E-mail address is Independent Street Carnival Troupe is now also on Face book just look up Joy nugent for our latest events and members

Nubian Sunshine mas band was formed in 1994 by a group of young women who enjoyed the sprit of carnival, but did not want to be confined by conventional mas band rules. The band name derived from the first mas that portayed Nubian Kings & Queens in sunshine yellow costumes. Nubian Sunshines ethos is to enjoy and celebrate freedom from the shackles and confines that bound us as slaves, "in true Nubian Sunshin style!". This year they celebrate 15 years of participation and together they will shine. We enjoy entertaining the crowds of Huddersfield with our lively, action packed and fun filled antics, and actively encourage revellers to join in......."No Rules".

Contact name: Shauna/ Pam
email address:
L ength of time band has been together: 15 years
T heme for this carnival: 15 years on de road
Number in the band: 65
enjoy entertainingubiannhg
Saturday Love/Cummins Turbo Technologies
This troupe has a good mix of children and adults and has been participating in carnival for the past five years. In three of those years they have received awards in the best band on the road category. They continue to strive to improve year in year out and consider themselves to be proactive in the community.
Band Leaders: Ian & Milton Rufus

Spring Grove School
This town centre school has one of the most ethnically diverse populations with one of the longest histories of supporting carnival in Huddersfield, so much so that they have received a plaque from the Carnival Committee thanking them for their continued commitment and support of carnival in recent years. The school encourages children to be involved as part of their curriculum through the design and production of costumes
Band Leader: Ann Ellis

Nottingham Carnival Club
Formed 10 years ago, this band is making its third visit to Huddersfield
carnival.They are however, certain it will not be the last visit. There is a good mix of adults and children who do yearly tours to Leeds, Leicester, Cumbria, Kendal & Margate. They are supported by the Arts Council, England.
Band Leader: Eric Mills

Africa for All project
Afican dance and drumming
African Drumming and Dance Group with music to make you move to the beat of the drum. Over 50 participants.

Theme: Sombury (Together)

Band Leader: Sheilagh Nying

JJamaican National (Huddersfield Branch) (Huddersfield
This troupe from Huddersfield has participated in carnival for many many years and represent exceptional standards each year.

Band Leader: Yvonne Cole

Theme: Global Warming
mpa Warriors

JLeeds West Indian Carnival Club
The band leader of this group proudly announces that they were
the first in Europe to put on a street carnival and they have gone from strength to strength.They have supported Huddersfield carnival admirably throughout its 20 years duration. Band Leader: Arthur France.

This troupe from represents real "Olde Mas" and has been involved in |Carnival at home in \huddersfield and abroad. They revel in tradition and enjoy the the Soca Music to its fullest year after year.

Band Leader: Theresa Adams
Theme: Fire from Rio
umpa Warriors

Longwood Pre - School group

Theme: Rays of Sunshine

Band Leader: Christine Wright




































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