Carnival Program

  • D’Jouvert - Friday 8th July 2011
  • Come, check it out and enjoy the fun starting from 9pm warm up at The Lime, aka Huddersfield Carnival Arts Centre followed by D’Jouvert procession from midnight until 3am. The carnival fever and fete starts here. In the early hours, the first revellers hit the streets - jumping, dancing and singing fuelled by the occasion. This early “Mas”, known as “J’Ouvert”, (a contraction of the French “jouvert”, or “day open”). It is a ritual usually involving paint, mud, oil, pitchforks and pointed tails! A masquerade of the darker side of human life. Hieronymous Bosch would have felt at home playing J’Ouvert (LOL).

    D’Jouvert 2011 Video Highlight

Carnival Day - Saturday 9th July 2011

Parade Highlights

  • The Carnival parade leaves the Hudawi Cultural Centre at 1pm and makes its way towards the town centre.
  • St George’s Square features local artists and Caribbean food stalls from 1pm until 9pm.
  • St Peter’s Gardens features local artists Caribbean food and information stalls 12pm until 8pm
  • Market Place features Caribbean food and charity information stalls.
  • The Official Carnival After Party will be held at The Lime aka Huddersfield Carnival Arts Centre 26 Westgate, Huddersfield. DJs include DJ 45 (The Rolls Royce of SOCA), Major (Year to Year Entertainer).