"The fans of Roger Elimus “Inspector” Gilbert will respond with a resounding and enthusiastic, Yes! For twenty years, yes twenty, the Hitman as he is appropriately referred to has being a model of reliability, consistency and dependability in relation to Grenada‚Äôs Carnival, music and entertainmenteep lyrics, or arrange music. AJAMU is truly a multi-talented entertainer.

Inspector is without question the greatest performer and entertainer of Grenadian citizenry. His extremely impressive list of accomplishments does not begin to tell the story of this entertainer extraordinaire. The crowns and trophies representing the titles of Junior Calypso, Road March, Soca Monarch and the coveted Calypso Monarch all adorn a mantle that should be the envy of any aspiring Artiste.

Even more impressive than all the titles is the continued adoration of the fans, the respect of his peers and the sustained humility of this young man who has accomplished so much so early in his life.


Hudawi Cultural Centre,
Great Northern Street,

Doors open 10pm – 4am
Tickets £10 More at the Door




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